A Journey in Faith...

In response to a certainty that God was calling her to found a religious community for women,  Mother Mary Paul set about the task in March, 2013.  In prayer  Mother reminded the Lord of  her lowliness and requested the guidance and direction of the Holy Spirit.   Mother Mary Paul’s spiritual director and advisors confirmed the call of the Holy Spirit in her soul and urged her forward.

Her vision for a new religious community came to the forefront after many years of seeking religious life, extensive discernment and spending time with several religious communities in the United States and Europe. Mother Mary Paul had formally entered religious life in 2009. After one year she left and returned to Boise, believing that the Lord had both called her to the community and then from it.  Shortly after her return she accepted a teaching position in Germany.  While there, still longing for religious life, she connected with another religious community with  houses in America as well as throughout Europe. She visited with sisters in Poland, Paris, Rome and Germany  before formally entering the community in the United States upon her return in June, 2012.


During her formation Mother Paul felt God was calling her out of the convent once again. Leaving the community she  returned to Boise.  Mother Mary Paul’s hope of becoming a consecrated spouse of Christ in His Church seemed to be forever ended.   It was then, in heartfelt prayer, that she fully realized what it was that God wanted from her and what she had been avoiding in spite of the many who had suggested she do so.

The community was founded in response to needs in the Church and society.  The increased secularization of society inspires the Sisters of Divine Grace to witness to the reality and presence of God in each person and circumstance; the incredible love, hope and healing found in the Lord Jesus; the truth of Catholic doctrine; and  a counter-cultural lifestyle.  People have become increasingly more isolated from one another, and the need for the consoling, healing presence of Christ more obvious. The sisters enter into the lives of others as that same presence in whatever way is needed, seeking to, personally connect each heart to  the most Sacred Heart of Jesus through His Catholic Church.

The Sisters of Divine Grace  are responsive to the guidance and inspiration of the Holy Spirit who goes where He wills  (John 3:8).   The Spirit is not limited to constraints of time, place or circumstances.  We thus welcome candidates of all ages and those who may be widowed or have had marriages divorced and annulled.. The harvest is indeed great and laborers are needed.  (Matt 9:37-38)

The Sisters of Divine Grace were endorsed by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Boise on December 8, 2015 as a Private Association of the Faithful  under the authority and guidance of Bishop Peter F. Christensen. They reside in northern Idaho and engage in various ministries throughout Idaho.

 The Holy Spirit is moving our Community in His own time and way.  We are looking  forward to a future of continued growth and grace-filled blessings!

Praised be the name of Jesus!

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