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Stages of Formation

A religious vocation is a free and loving response to an invitation from the Heart of God through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, to enter more deeply and intentionally into the life and mission of Jesus.  It is a lifetime commitment to becoming more perfectly formed in the image and likeness of Jesus, Beloved and Spouse. A sister enters  into several stages of formation, each drawing her deeper into the heart of Jesus and forming her into a particular way of being as a Sister of Divine Grace.


4 months- 1 year


The candidacy is the first committed  step wherein a woman pledges before God to begin a deeper journey into  discernment of her vocation of religious consecration. A candidate spends increasing periods of time with the sisters  so as to gain a general understanding of consecrated life in community;  introduction to the evangelical counsels; and the rhythm of study, prayer and work.  She is responsible for her personal needs and financial obligations.  


6 months- 1 year


The postulancy is a period of continued and deeper discernment of the call to consecrated life in community, and provides opportunities to grow in understanding of self, the congregation and the implications of a lifetime commitment.  The postulant is responsible for all personal needs and financial responsibilities.  She lives full time with the sisters and wears a simple habit.


2 years


The novitiate is a period of entering deeply  into religious life as a Sister of Divine Grace.  The sister receives a religious name and habit in a beautiful ceremony of brideship to the Lord Jesus. She enters more deeply into intimacy with Christ through prayer, study and experience of our way of life.  This is a time of preparation for professing vows.

mmp vows.jpg

3 years...

Profession of Vows 

Temporary profession of the evangelical counsels of poverty, chastity and obedience is renewed annually for 3 consecutive years. It is followed by the sister's final, or perpetual profession, her lifetime commitment.  

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