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How to become a
Sister of Divine Grace


Be a Roman Catholic woman (single, unmarried, divorced with an annulment or widowed). No age limit.


Love God and don't be afraid.

(see logo)


Sell all you own (actually that comes later but start downsizing now).


Abandon yourself to Divine Grace. Let His heart become your heart.    (see logo again)



Listen to the Holy  Spirit who will upend your life and give you everything you didn't even know you wanted through the Heart of Jesus.

Pray more (Divine Office preferably).


Contact us!  We'll explain it all!

Stages of Formation

A religious vocation is a free and loving response to an invitation from the Heart of God through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, to enter more deeply and intentionally into the life and mission of Jesus.  It is a lifetime commitment to becoming more perfectly formed in the image and likeness of Jesus, Beloved and Spouse. A sister enters  into several stages of formation, each drawing her deeper into the heart of Jesus and forming her into a particular way of being as a Sister of Divine Grace.


4 months- 1 year


The candidacy is the first committed  step wherein a woman pledges before God to begin a deeper journey into  discernment of her vocation of religious consecration. A candidate spends increasing periods of time with the sisters  so as to gain a general understanding of consecrated life in community;  introduction to the evangelical counsels; and the rhythm of study, prayer and work.  She is responsible for her personal needs and financial obligations.  


6 months- 1 year


The postulancy is a period of continued and deeper discernment of the call to consecrated life in community, and provides opportunities to grow in understanding of self, the congregation and the implications of a lifetime commitment.  The postulant is responsible for all personal needs and financial responsibilities.  She lives full time with the sisters and wears a simple habit.


2 years


The novitiate is a period of entering deeply  into religious life as a Sister of Divine Grace.  The sister receives a religious name and habit in a beautiful ceremony of brideship to the Lord Jesus. She enters more deeply into intimacy with Christ through prayer, study and experience of our way of life.  This is a time of preparation for professing vows.

mmp vows.jpg

3 years...

Profession of Vows 

Temporary profession of the evangelical counsels of poverty, chastity and obedience is renewed annually for 3 consecutive years. It is followed by the sister's final, or perpetual profession, her lifetime commitment.  

How This Works

Sisters of Divine Grace began as do so many beautiful works, with inspiration from the Holy Spirit and a courageous person to step out for God.  That is how it works  to become a Sister as well. There are women of all ages throughout the United States who are being prompted by the Holy Spirit to consecrate their lives to God as Spouse of Jesus Christ and to live as a Sister of Divine Grace. Now they must grab hold of the courage the Lord is offering and step out. Some are young while others are older, perhaps having raised a family.  

There is so much to think through when considering the possibility of a vocation to Religious Life, so many questions.  It is important to enter into an ongoing dialogue with someone who can address the unknowns.  Contact the Community and begin a  discussion sooner rather than later. Talking can simplify it all!


When a woman is interested in possibly pursuing this life she can come for a short visit.  If still interested she can return to delve deeper.  There should be no fear, as if visiting is equal to being trapped forever!  We begin to discuss how this works, what the process might look like.  Each woman is unique and thus the process, although somewhat standardized, will look a bit different for each.    We talk about all kinds of things: family, possessions, time line, needs and expectations, formation process, finances, health insurance. These short visits are followed by entrance into the postulancy where the basics of the life as a Sister unfold.  The novitiate follows this stage, affording another 2 years to explore and assess. There is time. There is freedom. There is guidance. There is no need to panic or worry. As humans, we never do what we really do not want to do!!


We are quite excited to experience the unfolding of our long awaited Kingdom Dream into fruition.  We welcome women who have considered religious life but thought themselves too old or not capable, or the process too complex for any number of reasons, or are plagued with questions about finances, family or job.  As a Private Association of the Faithful we maintain a great measure of flexibility and can work with women in all of these areas.  Religious Life as a Sister of Divine Grace is a most wonderful opportunity to enter into a deeper union with the Lord Jesus.  The world needs Consecrated Religious women to nurture and care for it, to teach it the ways of God's love, to witness to the value and beauty of a life lived for God.

We are developing a deeper and more intimate relationship with our Beloved Lord Jesus, as Brides should indeed be doing,  and find that we have increasingly more of His beautiful and healing love to share with His people.  Our healing prayer  apostolate is expanding.  We are seeing the signs and wonders of God's glory unfolding before us as hearts and bodies are made whole.  We are ready to set up the atrium for Catechesis of the Good Shepherd.  Sisters are needed to enter into the Kingdom Dream that the Lord has inspired in our hearts. Each day we take another step forward in complete surrender to all that the Lord has set before us.

I thought myself quite crazy when I began pursuing religious life.  Truly I thought I was too old, too unworthy, not capable, and I would never be able to succeed.  Without guidance I had only myself to listen to, and so I crept along trying to figure out how this works.  It has been a long and circuitous road to here, but I am here.  And I love being here, me and the Lord.  I encourage you to explore, ask questions, and ponder your desires with a hopeful and trusting heart.  Dare to take a risk and seek to find out how this works for you as a Sister of Divine Grace.  A renewed mind in Christ, which St Paul exhorts us to acquire, thinks thoughts of possibilities and promises of God and, like Blessed Mother, asks in complete hope and surrender, How does this work?

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