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Our Spirituality 

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"If we remain little and obscure, God can do great things with us, and only He knows what that might be..."                        -Mother Mary Paul, SDG

We are little sisters who are open to the inspirations of the Holy Spirit. We are joyful in the Lord and in the teachings of the Catholic Church.  Our way of being with God is both simple and rich. We daily wait with excitement for His call to further intimacy in our hearts.

Our spiritual life is grounded in the transformative power of the Holy Mass and true presence of the Most Blessed Triune God in the Holy Eucharist. We draw our spiritual sustenance from reception of the Eucharist and time spent gazing on and praying before the humble face of the Lord Jesus Christ in Eucharistic Adoration. Our prayer life forms us, sustains us, and empowers us to go out into the world in service of God's people.

The heart of Mary, our Mother and patroness of the Sisters of Divine Grace, intimately united to her Son, cannot help but to love and care for us. We turn to Mary for protection and for guidance in learning to love beyond ourselves in the manner of her Son, Jesus. The rosary is an essential prayer of our community.

We draw on the rich spiritual heritage of the Catholic Church for  enlightenment in the spiritual life, and look to particular saints  as patrons of our congregation: St Lucy Filippini, St Therese of Lisieux, St Rita of Cassia, St Louis DeMontfort, St Elizabeth Seton, St Francis, St  Benedict, St  John Paul II and St Paul. These, and so many others, enrich our spiritual life.


We recognize the sacredness of God’s presence and Holy Will in the ordinary experiences of life, and  embrace joys and sufferings with complete surrender and gratitude. We seek holiness through the small and ordinary tasks of daily life.

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