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General Horarium
The horarium is structured around the Divine Office, through which our day is sanctified. Prayer unites our hearts ever more intimately to the Heart of our Beloved, filling us with Divine Love, which then flows through us, as Missionaries of the Heart of God, to the world. Prayer is at the core of our life as consecrated religious.

  6:00  AM       Office of Readings 

  6:30  AM       Holy Hour

  7:30  AM       Breakfast

  7:45  AM       Lauds 

  8:30  AM       Holy Sacrifice of the Mass

 Work, Instruction, or  Apostolate

  11:30 AM      Spiritual Reading, Sext, Divine                                 Mercy Chaplet 

 12:15             Lunch

Work, Instruction or  Apostolate

  4:30 PM       Holy Hour, Rosary, Vespers

  5:45 PM       Dinner

  6:45 PM       Recreation or Study  

  7:50 PM       Compline

  9:00 PM      Grand Silence

Schedule varies with holidays, weekends, and necessity

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