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Negativity and the Renewal of our Minds

Dear Friends in Christ,


Sister Agnes and I engage in a lot of spiritual work and study since, of course, that is our job.  We have found that the topic of negativity and renewal of the mind pops up quite often in the literature. After recently watching an interview with Fr. Chad Ripperger, a well-known exorcist, who explained why one would want to drop the negativity, I thought I would share a bit about it. St. Paul speaks a lot about renewing our mind in Christ and about negativity. It is an ancient vice.

 In a nutshell, our negative thoughts open the “door” of our mind, providing plenty of room for the demons to enter in and proceed to distort our thoughts further. Before very long at all there is no room for God.  The negativity is contrary to His very nature.  The darkness cannot coexist with the light. It is the goal of the demon to alienate us from God. 


When we become aware of a negative thought, any negative thought about ourselves or others, no matter how big or small, immediately turn to God’s goodness and thank and praise Him.  Saying the words restores us in God, renews our mind, and drives away the demons.  The darkness cannot coexist with the light. After a time, we find that our negative thoughts have greatly diminished, and we notice that we feel a lot better. How wonderful if we all would renew our minds in Christ!

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