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Striving for Silence and Stillness

Come Holy Spirit…come in the silence of our hearts, in the stillness of our minds.

Silence and stillness don’t seem to come naturally or easily to those of us living in populated areas.  A friend recently shared that she had sold her house, left her job, and relocated to an isolated ranch.  She needed to slow down, she said, as she could not hear God. As consecrated religious we pay particular attention to slowing down so as to spend time with our Beloved Spouse, listening attentively to the quiet voice of His Spirit within.  

St. Faustyna spoke of striving for silence and stillness in her soul and of hearing the Lord speak to her there. The sanctuary of our Church is a place of entrance into this sacred silence and stillness where God can not only speak to us but IS WITH US in His totality: Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity, in the most Holy Eucharist within the tabernacle.  As one turns the corner and is confronted with the exquisite golden repository of our humble God, one can’t help but be struck with the thought of how very much we need these precious moments of silence and stillness, of how much it does matter that the inside of the Church is different from what we left behind on the outside.

As we prepare for the upcoming most holy day of Pentecost let us prepare in silence and stillness, as did the Apostles, to receive the coming of our Lord’s Most Holy Spirit into our own hearts and souls, and may He anoint each one of us with the courage to proclaim His Kingdom to all we meet.

In amore Iesu Christi,

Reverend Mother Mary Paul, SDG

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