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Uniting our Sorrows to Our Lady

Updated: 6 days ago

Dear Friends in Christ,

As our country enters into the July 4th Independence Day holiday, let us pray for the grace and healing of Our Lord upon our country, uniting our sorrow to that of Our Blessed Lady. Holy Mother Church has chosen to venerate seven of her sorrows, although who could possibly quantify her tremendous sufferings?! In our own sufferings we can often feel isolated, confused, and even resentful.    


Our Lady has promised great graces to those who ponder her Seven Sorrows. During this week let us unite our sufferings with Hers and teach our children to do the same. When feeling lost or out of place at school, work, or in the world in general, consider the flight of the Holy Family into Egypt.  When a loved one is struggling with addictions or illness consider the meeting of Mary and Jesus on the Via Dolorosa.  Union with Mary will lead to union with her Beloved Son and an all-encompassing peace beyond all understanding. 


1.      Prophecy of Simeon (Luke 2: 34,35)

2.      Flight into Egypt (Mt 2: 13-14)

3.      Loss of Child Jesus in the Temple (Lk 2: 34-35)

4.      Meeting of Jesus and Mary on the way to Calvary

5.      Crucifixion and Death of Jesus

6.      Body of Jesus is removed from the Cross

7.      Burial of Jesus


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1 Comment

Our Lord and Our Lady are so closely tied together that it's hard to consider one without the other, which makes the Seven Sorrows of Our Lady such a beautiful devotion to meditate on during the month of the Precious Blood (and all year for that matter).

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