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What is the Religious Life? (part 2)

Dear Friends in Christ,

Sisters can be seen coming and going around town and at Church. They seem to be always together and somewhat quiet and aloof.  One might ask, “What do they do? What are they about?”  The last fifty years have seen a decline in nuns /sisters.  And since some sisters do not wear a distinctive habit, these are further obscured from the common eye. It’s therefore not surprising that questions arise.


In some ways a Religious Community of Sisters is similar to a family.  Sisters spend time with one another in work and prayer.  We share a common living space and schedule, along with meals, leisure activities, responsibilities, and values.  We are a cohesive unit bonded together in shared love of one another and Christ, Our Lord.


Specifically, we have ways of being and doing that reflect our life commitment to Jesus Christ as Spouse, including how we engage with the world in business, entertainment, and daily interactions.  We have times of prayer throughout the day, amounting to at least 6 hours, during which we do not answer the phone or door.  We have an area of our home, “convent,” that is referred to as the “enclosure” or “cloister,” in which only the Sisters can be, much like the privacy of a family’s home which is available only to family members.  We have times and places of silence, reserved for communication with the Lord alone. Although we are ‘in the world’, we strive to not be ‘of the world’, and thus we often tend toward a quiet day at the convent, where we are praying for the needs of our local community and the world.

We welcome your prayer requests, and please pray for us as we serve as "Missionaries of the Heart of God" connecting hearts to the Heart of Jesus.

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