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Our Mission

“Connecting hearts to Jesus...”

   For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. Matt 6:21





Our mission...
 help you fall in love with Jesus, that He might become the treasure of your heart!


Acknowledging that conversion of heart is essential for transformation of the world, we commit ourselves and our resources to bringing the healing love of the Heart of Jesus and the truths of the Catholic faith to others.

The widespread, penetrating secularization of the world,  the promotion of self- aggrandizement and convenience at all costs, the distancing of people from one another,  and the general apathy and even hostility toward God speak to the disconnectedness of human hearts from the Divine Heart. 

We believe that the inherent and fundamental purpose of human life is to fall in love with Jesus. It is foundational to developing a personal identity as 'child of God,' the essence of the nature of the human person.  From this experience the human heart can enter more deeply into the fullness of loving and joyful union with the Lord Jesus Christ.  Without it, the heart remains ever seeking and unfulfilled.


We seek to set hearts on fire with love for Jesus, and to direct souls to the path of eternal life through the grace offered through the Catholic Church.  We walk among  the spiritually poor who live in indifference or denial of God,  bringing to them the healing love of Jesus, their Beloved.  

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